Tealstreet 1.5.20 Release Notes

The Tealstreet team is happy to bring you the latest release of the Tealstreet trading terminal. This release comes with a wide variety of changes to improve your trading experience. Download 1.5.20 here:

Feature Updates:

PnL Cards

You can now generate PnL cards for your active trades!

Simple PnL Card Version

Note: On Original mode, the PnL Card will display the nickname you gave to the currently focused API. You can edit the nickname in the ‘API KEYS’ tab of the terminal.

Click ‘Find Pepe’ to add a pepe to the card. Click it again to show a different pepe. You can drag and drop the pepe image to your preferred location on the PnL card.

Don’t see a pepe you want? Contact us on 纪和声 and we might add it!

Drag-and-drop Pepe

Multiple Basic Charts

Support as been added for multiple Basic Charts. The number of Basic Charts added to your terminal and the market will save to your active layout. Uncheck the setting “Sync Basic Chart Symbol” to search for other markets.

Note: Only the settings on the top header row will save / persist through refreshes. Number of Basic Charts and the Symbols will save to your Layout.

5 Basic Charts

Having trouble finding a market with the search bar? Try using the complete symbol name from TradingView. See the pictures below for how to find a complete symbol name.

Market Symbol

Position Liquidation Line on Chart

You can now see your liquidation line on chart. You can Enable/Disable the Liquidation Line on chart with toggle.

Chart Liquidation Line
Liquidation line toggle

Drag and Drop TP and SL

You can Drag and Drop TP and SL on the chart. 

TP/SL drag and drop

Bracket TP Orders as Limit Orders

A setting has been added to enable Bracket TPs as Limit Orders by dragging the TradingView chart lines.

Bracket TP as Limit

ROI vs ROE Percent Support and toggles

You can now view your position results in Percent RoE or Percent RoI.

ROI (Return on Investment) represents the PnL as a percent of your total margin balance.

ROE (Return on Equity) represents the PnL as a percent of the position initial margin. This will be much higher if you use higher leverage, as the margin required for the same position size will be lower. This is the method used by most exchanges.

TradingView Chart Fill arrow size and opacity slider

Want to adjust the size and opacity of the position history arrows? Navigate to Trade Settings –> Trading View –> and adjust the two sliders to your preference.

Binance CoT Partial Stops

Binance traders can now use partial/multiple stops even with CoT enabled.

Binance partial stops

Setting/option to only show favorited markets while focused on Exchange key

Trade on multiple exchanges? Now you can filter your favorite markets list to only show the pairs from the currently selected exchange. For example, you’ll only see your favorite BitMEX markets while focused on a BitMEX API Key – markets from other exchanges won’t show within your favorite markets bar. Saves terminal space and reduces clutter.

Favorite Markets Display Setting

Other Improvements

– Changed enable/disable History Arrows setting to toggle switch.
– Save yourself a couple clicks by using the toggle to enable/disable hotkeys.
– Tealstreet desktop now supports a more complete dark mode.
– Improvements to OKX margin type, trade modes, and leverage system
– Enhanced responsiveness and improved refresh time
– Minor bug fixes and system improvements.

Thank you for using the Trading Terminal. Please contact the Tealstreet team in 纪和声 if you ever encounter a bug.


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