Tealstreet 2.0.0

Please read more here: API Migration Major updates:– PHEMEX USDT Markets are live!– Multi Chart trading (enhanced with hotkey ‘H’)– Recent Markets widget (Enable in Trade Settings -> Modules)– Breakeven SL (Stop Loss) New Beta features:(Please note that these features are Beta and may contain bugs. Please use them at your own risk. Do not […]

Tealstreet: 1.5.32

Update – New feature: Web Browser View widget. Enable in Trade Settings -> Visibility (use for sites like Aggr, TradingView & indicators, Coinalyze, etc)– Binance: Infinity Stops (enabled by default, visit Trade Settings to revert back to partial stops support)– Seconds Chart: Restored and fixed (Note: Seconds time frames not yet supported for Bitget)– Phemex: […]

Bitget: One-way Mode

Tealstreet now supports Bitget One-way Mode! This update includes a round of bug fixes across the board including: – Improved candle refresh latency– Bitget reduce auto cancel natively– Resolved bug with some Bitget symbols not fully loading– Improved Bitget chart stability– A variety of other miscellaneous bug fixes Please note, Bitget One-way mode’s liquidation price […]

Tealstreet x Bitget Now Live!

The Tealstreet Team is happy to announce the integration of a brand new exchange in the Tealstreet Terminal. You can now Trade Bitget’s USDT margined, USDC margined, and Crypto margined derivatives using Tealstreet! Don’t have a Bitget account? Create one here. As an added bonus, for a short time only, create a Bitget account using […]

Tealstreet 1.5.20 Release Notes

The Tealstreet team is happy to bring you the latest release of the Tealstreet trading terminal. This release comes with a wide variety of changes to improve your trading experience. Download 1.5.20 here: https://www.tealstreet.io/#download Feature Updates: PnL Cards You can now generate PnL cards for your active trades! Note: On Original mode, the PnL Card […]

Announcing Tealstreet Terminal Full Release

The Tealstreet team is happy to announce our official launch of trade.tealstreet.io – This marks the end of our beta and the waitlist for new signups. Now you can create an account immediately! We’ve implemented some exciting new features, improved stability, and increased responsiveness. Keep reading to learn more. The beta site will stay up for around […]

First Ever Tealstreet Trading Competition

Register Now Welcome all ye traders, travelers, hobbits, wenches, and everything in between.Tealstreet summons you to take part in a most grand adventure – one likely never forgotten. Those courageous enough to take on this challenge shall undoubtedly encounter danger, mystery, and enchantment. Yet, make no mistake, remarkable bounties await those who might lay claim to […]