Phemex x Tealstreet Winter Trading Competition

– 🌬️❄️ Dear Tealstreet Traders, As we gear up for the chill vibes of December, brace yourselves for the Phemex Winter Trading Competition, where things are about to get cool, sharp, and seriously competitive. This isn’t your average trading rendezvous; it’s a frosty face-off presented by Phemex, designed to test your mettle in the brisk […]

Tealstreet x SuperX Trading Championship November Edition

– 🌟 Dear Esteemed Traders, As we step into the vibrant month of November, an exceptional event beckons—the SuperX Trading Championship, November Edition, proudly presented by Tealstreet x BingX. In this season of change, where the trading landscape evolves, we invite you to be part of a unique convergence. Traders from various backgrounds will gather, […]

Tealstreet x BingX Spooky Trading Tournament

– Dear Tealstreetors, 🎃 As the haunting eve of Halloween draws near, a shrouded event is poised to unfurl—a mysterious Trading Tournament, hosted by Tealstreet x BingX, awaits your presence. Prepare to tread upon the threshold of this extraordinary assembly, where traders from diverse realms converge to embark on a journey obscured in shadows. With […]

Tealstreet Official BitMEX Guild!

Want to join on of the biggest and most profitable Guilds on BitMEX? Look no further than the official Guild on BitMEX. Click here to get a 10% discount on trading fees for 6 months. Even better? BitMEX has brought back MAKER REBATES for all traders who use their USDT derivative pairs. Get paid […]

Tealstreet x WOO X Trading Competition

Tealstreet and WOO X have combined forces to bring traders an exciting and rewarding competition from August 228th to September 10th. 15,000 WOO tokens are up for grabs. Use code TEALST15 on signup to receive a 15% discount on fees! Or, click here. Important dates: The ref code for Tealstreet is: Benefits: Trades through […]

Official Tealstreet Squad – Bybit WSOT 2023

Trade at least 30,000 USDT at the Squad Showdown for a chance to win a Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder and a Rolex! Dear Tealstreetors, We stand on the threshold of an exceptional event, where traders from diverse backgrounds will converge to embark on an unforgettable journey – the forthcoming trading competition hosted by Bybit. With […]

Tealstreet x

🔥 AUTOMATE YOUR TRADES WITH TEALSTREET X RUNBOT 🔥 and are now officially integrated and partners! Want to learn how to add a Runbot Webhook in Tealstreet? Click here for a detailed guide. Click here to read more from the Runbot team themselves. 👉 Follow them on Twitter 👈 What is Runbot? Runbot, […]

WOO X Exchange live now on Tealstreet

🔥🔥 WOO X Exchange now live for trading via Tealstreet 🔥🔥 The Tealstreet team is happy to announce the go live of our integration with WOO X exchange. You can now Trade WOO X and their 100+ Perpetual futures markets using Tealstreet. Don’t have a WOO X account? Create one here.  Click here to learn […]

BingX Exchange Live Now on Tealstreet

🆕🔥 The Tealstreet Team is happy to announce the launch of our integration of BingX exchange 🔥🆕 You can now Trade BingX’s more than 150 Perpetual futures markets using Tealstreet. Don’t have a BingX account? Create one here. 💰 🆕 signups can get up to $5125 USDT in rewards 💰 Traders with all kinds of […]

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